Ben Callahan

President of Sparkbox

Selected Presentations

  1. How to Create Something Timeless 12 Minute Keynote, Delivered at TEDx Dayton
  2. Letting Go of Workflow Baggage 45 Minute Keynote
  3. Small Screen Navigation Patterns 60 Minute Keynote
  4. Workflow on Responsive Projects Full Day Workshop
  5. Dissecting Design 45 Minute Keynote
  6. Build Right: Build Responsively Full Day Workshop
  7. Serving Responsive Styles 45 Minute Keynote
  8. Get Your (Visual) Style On 60 Minute Keynote, Co-Presented with Yesenia Perez-Cruz and Dan Mall
  9. Flexible Complexity 30 Minute Keynote
  10. Responsive Retrofitting 45 Minute Keynote
  11. An Introduction to Responsive & Adaptive Web Design 45 Minute Keynote

Selected Engagements

  1. Frontend Design Conference St. Pete, FL
  2. Generate New York New York, NY
  3. HOW Design Live Chicago, IL
  4. Converge SE Columbia, SC
  1. Refresh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA
  2. Revolve Charleston, SC
  3. Rustbelt Refresh Cleveland, OH
  4. Breaking Development Nashville, TN
  5. Future Insights Live Las Vegas, NV
  6. Converge SE Columbia, SC
  7. RWD Summit Online
  8. Build Right: Collaboration, Columbia Columbia, South Carolina
  9. TEDx Dayton Dayton, Ohio
  10. Frontend Design Conference, Portland Portland, Oregon
  11. UIE Virtual Seminar Web Based Presentation
  12. Converge SE Columbia, South Carolina
  13. UX Immersion, Denver Denver, Colorado
  14. Artifact Rio Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  15. SXSW Interactive Austin, Texas
  16. Artifact Conference Providence, Rhode Island
  17. Breaking Development Nashville Nashville, Tennessee
  18. 2013 CSS Dev Conf Estes Park, Colorado
  19. Breaking Development San Diego San Diego, California
  20. Front-End Design Conference St. Petersburg, Florida
  21. Artifact Conference Austin, Texas
  22. Converge SE 2013 Columbia, South Carolina
  23. In Control 2013 Orlando, Florida
  24. In Control 2012 Honolulu, Hawaii
  25. CSS Dev Conference Honolulu, Hawaii
  26. Frontend Masters Workshop Series Minneapolis, Minnesota
  27. Refresh LX Lisbon, Portugal

Selected Writings

  1. Self Actualization The Sparkbox Foundry

    Journeying inward, not upward: this post shares how “Westworld” provides a unique perspective on helping the folks on your team become the best versions of themselves.

  2. On Values The Sparkbox Foundry

    Values are the context for your culture. In this piece, I try to demystify “trusting your heart” by sharing that “your heart” is simply the things that matter most to you—your values.

  3. An Efficient Perspective on Responsive Design Process Smashing Magazine

    An excerpt from my contribution to Smashing Book 5 on efficient responsive process.

  4. The Cost of Compromise Words

    Every project requires compromise—every compromise has a cost.

  5. How we get There The Pastry Box Project

    My defense of the idea that we care too much about how we get to great work, and not enough about actually getting there.

  6. What to do when your project is failing Words

    A bit of advice for what to do when your project is falling apart.

  7. Project Drag The Pastry Box Project

    A few ideas about the things that are slowing your project down and how to shape your project to avoid them.

  8. The ones you start with Words

    A few thoughts on how the people you start with are rarely the ones you end with.

  9. Crash The Pastry Box Project

    How difficult situations can make you and your relationships stronger.

  10. I Want to be a Great Husband The Pastry Box Project

    A few thoughts around managing the many roles we are asked to play.

  11. How to Get Smarter The Pastry Box Project

    A simple piece, encouraging you to write more.

  12. Roots The Pastry Box Project

    Some thoughts on earning your heat and learning from the past.

  13. Facilitating Collaboration Web Standards Sherpa

    A walk-through of some things we’ve learned trying to foster an environment where our team can collaborate.

  14. Dissecting Design The Sparkbox Foundry

    Dissecting the design process for a modern Web.

  15. Responsive Retrofitting Web Standards Sherpa

    A look at how older sites can still benefit from responsive techniques.

  16. There Is No Breakpoint The Sparkbox Foundry

    My answer to the often-asked question, "How many breakpoints should I use?"

  17. Responsively Retrofit Older Sites .net magazine

    A tutorial on how to use responsive techniques on older sites.

  18. Cross-Width Consistency The Sparkbox Foundry

    Are off-canvas layouts a shiny new tool ripe for abuse? Just posing a quick question for us to consider.

  19. The Responsive Dip The Sparkbox Foundry

    An explanation of my 30,000 foot view of our industry’s current state as it relates to responsive web design.