Ben Callahan

Speaking At

  1. Rustbelt Refresh Cleveland, OH
  2. Breaking Development Washington DC
  3. Revolve Charleston, SC

A Few Previous Engagements

  1. Breaking Development Nashville, TN
  2. Future Insights Live Las Vegas, NV
  3. Converge SE Columbia, SC
  4. RWD Summit Online
  5. Pittsburgh Refresh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  6. Breaking Development, Orlando Orlando, Florida
  7. Build Right: Collaboration, Columbia Columbia, South Carolina
  8. TEDx Dayton Dayton, Ohio
  9. Web Afternoon, Charleston Charleston, South Carolina
  10. Frontend Design Conference, Portland Portland, Oregon
  11. Breaking Development, Nashville Nashville, Tennessee
  12. 2014 CSS Summit Online
  13. Madison+ UX, Madison Madison, Wisconson
  14. UIE Virtual Seminar Web Based Presentation
  15. Converge SE Columbia, South Carolina
  16. UX Immersion, Denver Denver, Colorado
  17. Artifact Rio Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  18. SXSW Interactive Austin, Texas
  19. Artifact Conference Providence, Rhode Island
  20. Breaking Development Nashville Nashville, Tennessee
  21. 2013 CSS Dev Conf Estes Park, Colorado
  22. Converge RVA Richmond, Virginia
  23. Converge FL Jacksonville, Florida
  24. Breaking Development San Diego San Diego, California
  25. Front-End Design Conference St. Petersburg, Florida
  26. Artifact Conference Austin, Texas
  27. Converge SE 2013 Columbia, South Carolina
  28. In Control 2013 Orlando, Florida
  29. In Control 2012 Honolulu, Hawaii
  30. CSS Dev Conference Honolulu, Hawaii
  31. Frontend Masters Workshop Series Minneapolis, Minnesota
  32. Refresh LX Lisbon, Portugal

Selected Writings

  1. Crash The Pastry Box Project

    How difficult situations can make you and your relationships stronger.

  2. I Want to be a Great Husband The Pastry Box Project

    A few thoughts around managing the many roles we are asked to play.

  3. Ping Volley Pong Ball The Pastry Box Project

    Allow people ownership of your idea and you’ll be amazed at what happens.

  4. How to Get Smarter The Pastry Box Project

    A simple piece, encouraging you to write more.

  5. Roots The Pastry Box Project

    Some thoughts on earning your heat and learning from the past.

  6. On Scrappiness The Pastry Box Project

    My perspective on the current state of web education.

  7. Facilitating Collaboration Web Standards Sherpa

    A walk-through of some things we’ve learned trying to foster an environment where our team can collaborate.

  8. The Sum of the Parts The Sparkbox Foundry

    A reminder that, despite the need for us to build systems rather than pages, our users will still experience them as pages. We must consider the whole as we build the parts.

  9. Dissecting Design The Sparkbox Foundry

    We’ve long dreamt of a time when we could shed ourselves of the shackles of pixel-pushing to embrace a more idealistic way of working—designing in the browser. Many have tried and many have failed, but it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. In this article, I dissect the design process to explore which tools are the most helpful for certain parts of the web design process.

  10. Responsive Retrofitting Web Standards Sherpa

    I’m so proud to be contributing on a site I’ve respected for quite a while now, the Web Standards Sherpa. Review number 23 is a look at how older sites can still benefit from responsive techniques.

  11. There Is No Breakpoint The Sparkbox Foundry

    For a while now we’ve been feeling that selecting a set of breakpoints and expecting them to work across an entire system of content is only a partial solution. In this piece, I’m exploring the idea that maybe breakpoints should be created when their needed for the specific atomic element that I’m styling as opposed to the system as a whole. Also, there are Matrix references.

  12. Responsively Retrofit Older Sites .net magazine

    I’m so excited to have written something that will actually be printed. The folks at .net magazine gave me the opportunity to share some of the thinking I’ve been doing on how to use responsive techniques on older sites. This is a tutorial-type article and the issue is packed with some great stuff. Many thanks to the wonderful Stephanie Rieger for her technical review and fantastic feedback.

  13. Cross-Width Consistency The Sparkbox Foundry

    Are off-canvas layouts a shiny new tool ripe for abuse? Just posing a quick question for us to consider.

  14. The Responsive Dip The Sparkbox Foundry

    An explanation of my 30,000 foot view of our industry’s current state as it relates to responsive web design.

  15. Content Prototyping In Responsive Web Design Smashing Magazine

    For centuries, we have shaped our layouts and typefaces according to the meaning of the content we’re presenting. While this has traditionally been done on fixed-width paper canvases, we need to embrace the fact that the web is not fixed width. Content prototypes give us an opportunity see our content in its real habitat—the web—sooner.